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For a product packaging company, the production of gift boxes is not a problem, but every product should pay attention to its details: "as the saying goes, the details determine success or failure?" And we in the production of Ming Sheng Xing gift box, it should pay attention to the color choice, choose what kind of materials and how to do well in the printing after surface treatment, a series of process color printing.

1, plate making, the present gift box is beautiful and beautiful, so the color of the production is also various. Usually, a gift box has 4 basic colors and several spot colors, such as gold and silver.

2, choose paper, general gift box wrapping paper is done with double copper and dumb copper paper, gram weight is generally 128G, 105g, 157G, very little gift box wrapping paper will have more than 200g, because the wrapped paper is too thick to mount out the gift box, it is easy to blister, and also looks very dull outside. Papery is to choose the appropriate double grey paper according to the customer's needs, commonly known as gray sheet paper or grey cardboard.

3, printing, gift box is only printed package paper, paper is not printed, and at most is only dyeing, because the gift box is outer packing box, so printing technology is very high, most taboo color difference, ink spot, bad edition these influence aesthetic shortcomings.

4, surface treatment, the package of gift box usually to do surface treatment, the common is the light glue, over dumb glue, over UV, light oil, over dumb oil.

5, beer and beer are more important parts in printing technology. For beer, we must be accurate. If beer is not allowed, beer will continue, which will affect subsequent processing.

6, mounting, the usual printed matter is first mounted on the back of beer, but the gift box is first beer after mounting, one is afraid of making flowers wrapped paper, the two is the gift box, the overall aesthetics is beautiful, the gift box mounting paper must be hand made, so that we can reach certain beautiful color box printing.

Shenzhen City Ming Sheng Xing packaging paper products Co. Ltd. is a paper packaging company specialized in design to printing various brochures, handbags, product brochures, product packaging box, gift boxes and other business. The company has four sets of Roland four color printing presses, four color printing presses in Heidelberg and a series of other post processing equipment, and has a group of professional production technicians who have been engaged in printing paper packaging products for a long time. All along, the company has been adhering to the business principle of "excellence, efficiency, sustainable operation, integrity and mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win", developing synergy with customers and suppliers, creating a good supply and demand environment.

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