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Ming Sheng Xing packing paper packaging materials commonly used basically can be divided into paper, corrugated cardboard, three categories. The main thing is the type of paper. The development of modern packaging is very rapid, and the use of packaging materials is also extremely wide. From natural materials to artificial packaging materials, from single material to synthetic material, whatever material is applied, it is widely applied in color box packaging. Generally speaking, modern fine color box packaging is generally made of paper packaging materials. It is the most widely used material in the packaging industry, which is convenient for processing, economical and suitable for fine printing. And the design of color box packaging for materials is usually based on the basic principles of science, economy and practicality.

1. kraft paper

Kraft paper is a kind of paper, mainly made of kraft pulp. It has the characteristics of low cost, high strength, coarse fiber, good air permeability and so on. It is used to make shopping bags, paper bags, food and small packaging paper, document bags, etc., and also used as surface paper for the manufacture of corrugated paper.

2. paper

The stencil is combined with water resistance made of wax technology, have a certain strength of the paper, mainly used in packaging, such as food, fruit, pastries, isolation protection packaging materials textiles and daily necessities.

3. bleach paper

Bleach paper is also a kind of wrapping paper, which is made of soft, hard wood and pulps with sulphate or sulphate. It has high strength, white and fine paper and good smoothness. It is suitable for modern printing. Often used as color box wrapping paper, label, bottle paste, etc.

4. glass paper

Glass paper is a kind of packaging paper with natural cellulose as raw material. It can be made into different kinds of paint, wax coating, coating and so on. Its characteristics are smooth surface, good diaphaneity, high density, strong tensile strength and small expansion. It is suitable for printing, moisture and oil repellency. It is mainly used for color box packaging of food products.

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