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Welcome to Shenzhen Ming Sheng Xing packaging paper products Co. ltd.! Our company is a paper packaging company specializing in printing all kinds of promotional brochures, handbags, product manuals, product packaging boxes, craft gift boxes and other businesses. The company has four sets of Roland four color printing presses, four color printing presses in Heidelberg and a series of other post processing equipment, and has a group of professional production technicians who have been engaged in printing paper packaging products for a long time. All along, the company has been adhering to the business principle of "excellence, efficiency, sustainable operation, integrity and mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win", developing synergy with customers and suppliers, creating a good supply and demand environment. Ming Sheng Xing focused boutique packaging customized high-end customized packaging box, packaging box design, design and manufacture of product packaging bags, brand packaging design.

We focus on customer value orientation, and provide customers with the best quality products and most thoughtful services through continuous innovation and improvement of scientific management, while actively implementing social responsibilities and advocating humanistic care. While paying attention to economic growth and sustainable development, we make a positive contribution to the construction of a harmonious society. Phone: 0755-29972910, URL: www.szmsx168.com

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